Give to Greg’s scholarship fund today.

Gregory Robert Wright, Jr. willingly sacrificed his life for this country.  It is our intent to see that there are more like him; that there are men and women who will enthusiastically and joyfully dedicate themselves to preserving and advancing our way of life.  It is our intent to encourage young men and women who understand that a life worth living is more than a self-indulgent one.  That to exist, the exercise of freedom requires effort, dedication, and fortitude; that such ideals cannot become reality without fighting for them, sometimes on far shores and in harsh places.

Greg’s father once told him, while entering the grounds of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), that the family motto meant that he should find a life in service to others.  Greg became angry.  He said that he already knew the lesson; that he had already begun to serve.   How right he was.

To recognize Greg’s life, to remember his sacrifice of his life, and to honor his goals, we ask that you donate $10.00 to the scholarship begun in his name.  Our specific goal is to raise one million dollars for the Gregory R. Wright, Jr. Virginia Military Institute Scholarship Fund.

There may be many non-profit organizations that seek gifts from you.  However, your ability to donate to any one of them depends on your possession and exercise of certain inalienable rights.  By donating to Greg’s scholarship fund, we think that you advance your own ultimate best interests and the continued possession of these rights.  The criterion for the VMI cadets who will receive scholarship funds, other than good grades and proofs of volunteerism, is that they intend to serve this country with enthusiasm, just as Greg did.

While other schools and institutions promote the goal of serving this country, you will not find a purer ideal of honor expressed and the application of honor to everyday life than you will find at VMI.  VMI alumni say what they mean and mean what they say.  They are highly respected both in the military services and in other walks of life.  VMI is a worthy provider of Greg’s scholarship funds to highly qualified candidates.

By giving to Greg’s scholarship fund, you keep his ideals alive.  Although he is dead, his hopes will live on.


How to Donate

There are two easy ways to give:

Give Online

The first way to donate, which we recommend, is for you to donate online by going to the Virginia Military Institute Online Giving Site.  You may use your credit card, ask to have VMI directly debit your bank account, or ask to be billed later using the VMI Foundation’s secure site and verified system. Your donation will be deposited in Greg’s scholarship fund and you will be provided a receipt.

To dedicate this gift in memory of Greg, enter his name in the Tribute section and select “Memorial” at the bottom of the donation form.

Mail a Check or Money Order

The second way to donate is to mail a check or money order to the following address:

Gregory R. Wright, Jr. VMI Scholarship Fund
VMI Foundation
P.O. Box 932
Lexington, VA 24450

When your donation is received, the VMI Foundation will mail you a charitable donation acknowledgement.  The Foundation will provide its tax exempt [501C(3)] number to you on request.  Please write the full name of Greg’s scholarship fund (Gregory R. Wright, Jr. VMI Scholarship Fund) on your check or money order so that your donation will be directed to his fund.

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